Robert Gardner

Raised in Manhattan in a family with a passion for great food, Mr. Gardner learned the art of eating well at an early age. Shortly after graduating from college, he landed a dream job as a food writer and restaurant critic for Boston’s largest weekly newspaper.

Following a successful entrepreneurial stint in a related industry, he returned to the fascinating culinary world of New York, where he was a sought-after marketing consultant for gourmet food distributors and restaurant developers.

In 2003, after careful consideration of the “State of World Caviar”, he founded AMERICAN CAVIAR COMPANY, whose mission was to bring American Caviars to a place of prominence amongst America’s best chefs. Seven years later, American Caviar Co is supplying many of this country’s award winning restaurants, luxury hotels, and private clubs with its exclusive products. Mr. Gardner has been a leader in the crusade to maintain the sustainability of our valuable marine life and at the same time bring to market caviars which are delicious as well as affordable.

He speaks regularly at special caviar events, food and wine societies and private clubs.

Linguini w/ Lemon, Caviar & Tuna Bacon

Executive Chef Craig Hopson, Le Cirque.
Photo: Courtney Grant Winston


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